2:09 How much do braces cost? How much does Invisalign cost?
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How much do braces cost? How much does Invisalign cost?

One of the top questions that is often researched when deciding your orthodontic treatment is cost (for braces, Invisalign, or just orthodontic treatment, in general).  This is often a confusing topic for potential patients because different orthodontic offices may charge differently and some dental offices or direct to consumer companies may offer what appear to be discounted treatment as well. With all of these options, there are a lot of pros (freedom of choice), but they can also lead to some confusion and frustration when you’re making an important decision about how best to treat and correct the issues that are important to you in regards to your smile and bite.

So, back to the topic, how much do braces, Invisalign™, etc.?”

That depends entirely upon your specific situation and as we all know, everyone is different. This is what makes us unique, but it makes it difficult for me to just make a blanket statement like, “it will always cost this much for braces for everyone”. I know that seems like a non-answer, but let me explain why I don’t like to make a blanket statement regarding cost.

Some patients are focused on correcting their overbite or underbite, some are focused on just fixing a couple of crooked teeth, fixing their smile and others may just want new retainers. It may also be a combination of the options. Some treatments may take a couple of months to correct and others may require extensive treatment due to the severity of the issue. Some cases are best treated with certain appliances and treatment length can vary greatly because of it. It is always important to know these concerns and understand that each one of these issues can be addressed differently and that affects the cost.

So, I apologize for not giving you a specific answer but in order for me to give you the right information, I would like to get to know you and your goals and then we can shape a treatment plan, and cost, around those goals.

What will my insurance pay?

Every dental insurance offers different benefits and coverage for dental procedures. Additionally, your specific plan within an insurance company may vary in the amount of orthodontic coverage that it is willing to cover. At your free, initial consultation, we will check your benefits and present with a breakdown of what your insurance will cover and your remaining portion will be, so that you know the information up front before you begin treatment.

Keep in mind that insurance coverage may change from year to year and that may affect what they cover. Make sure to inform your orthodontist of the upcoming insurance changes each year.

What if I don’t have insurance, how can I afford Invisalign™ or braces?

We understand that not everyone has insurance or orthodontic coverage in their dental plan. We also realize that everyone’s situation is different. That’s why we offer a variety of payment options, so finances aren’t in your way of a great, beautiful smile. We offer no down-payment options, as well as in-house, no interest financing and extended payment options.

Is there a price difference between braces and Invisalign™?

I can’t speak for anyone besides our practice. At our office, there is no price difference between Invisalignand braces. We do, however, discuss which options would be better for your goals and treatment efficiency. Some treatment goals are better addressed with Invisalign ™, some with braces, and others that either treatment method would be helpful. It’s important to know your expectations and what would be best to address your concern.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and one of my awesome team members or myself will assist you.

Thanks for reading.